CPU Z APK v1.43 Free Download | Latest Version [6.16MB]

CPU Z APK is the most convenient and free app to get a diagnosis of the hardware of your Android device. Free Download for your device.

cpu z

CPU Z APK Download For Android Devices

The download process is easy by clicking on the given link above. Once you download the APK file on the device, open it and install it on your device.

Sometimes your device will refrain you from downloading the CPU Z APK file. If this happens, then go to the settings of the device and select security. Enable the option ‘download from unknown source’. Then you’ll be able to download the file safely.

What is CPU Z APK?

CPU Z APK lays out every single detail that you should know about the hardware of your Android device. You can look up information about storage, sensors, RAM, and every other details related to your mobile phone or tablet.

This is the best application if you want to know on-point details of the performance and the real-time measurements of every core. CPU Z has access to everything about the device. And it’s all completely free.

Best Features 

System Information

This CPU Z APK gives every single detail about the system of your device. It gives you the details of SoC name, brand name, model, battery information, storage details, etc.

Your mobile system itself doesn’t show these things so you’ll never know. In case the system seems like it is not running smoothly, you can easily access this application and find out what is the exact problem with the device.

Clean and Accessible User Interface 

This CPU Z APK is designed for easy navigation and access to the details available in different menus. So even if you are using it for the very first time, you won’t get confused with it.

This app which is named as ‘transparent system checker’ will monitor every detail automatically and display it on the screen as soon as you open up the application. Such features will make it more clear and understandable about every single detail.

Well Categorized Menu

This app has an excellent classification system that enables users to quickly navigate to the column they want to view without getting lost in the app. The device, system, battery, thermal, sensors, and SoC are the four key columns that make up the application.

Temperature Tracker

CPU Z has access to all the sensors available within your device. This lets the app track details on the temperature and other thermal data of the device.

This will be helpful in understanding what is wrong with your device when it’s heating unnecessarily and if your charger or the battery charging system has corrupted.


The developers have CPU Z APK made to ensure compatibility with all Android devices. So you can use this on any Android device of your choice and keep on track of the information about it.

SoC Data Monitoring

System on chip or SoC data will show the name, number of cores, clock speed on every core, GPU load, CPU load, and much more information. This will be helpful in knowing how long or how hard we can put the device in use.

Other Device and System Information

Apart from the above-mentioned information, users can know other important details such as screen resolution, RAM, used and available storage, current level, status, and much more using CPU Z Apk. 

With the help of all this data, you will be able to monitor the battery’s functioning in real-time with greater understanding. If the condition of the battery is a worry for you, keep an eye on its temperature and overall health.

Get to Know About Different Sensors

There are different interesting sensors available in modern Android devices. If you get to know these more, then you can get the advantages of them.

Step detection, gravity, gyroscope, proximity, and light are some of the important sensors that you can put in use.

Less Space Consumption

Because CPU Z APK uses little storage space on the user’s device, anyone is able to download and install it on Android devices with no worries about their Android device’s storage space.

How To Use CPU Z APK?

Once you install and open the CPU Z APK, you will see the SoC screen. Here you can get information on real-time processor speed, clock speeds, and CPU load.

Next, you can go through the device tab and look into the hardware information including device brand, manufacturer, dimensions, weight, etc. If you move to the system tab from here, then it will show the current Android version, boot loader details, and API level. 

There’s another tab for the battery that shows battery health, level, and temperature. The thermal sensor tab shows live temperature fluctuations. 

All the information that you get through each of these tabs is completely accurate.

Safety and Legality

This CPU Z APK is developed by CPUID under the supervision and guidance of Google. Therefore, it’s safe and legal to use.


Is CPU Z APK free?

Yes, absolutely. So there are no charges or payments.

Does it require internet service?

Yes. So to get a full detailed report, you need internet access.

The device heats while using CPU Z. Why?

This happens due to the sensor reading. You can prevent this by unchecking sensor readings on settings.

Are there any advertisements displayed when using the application?

Yes. But they will not interrupt the smooth running of the CPU Z APK.

Can I get a report on the device’s status?

Yes, after doing the online validation, a URL will pop up on the screen. Once you click on this, it will open up in the browser. And there you can get a detailed report of your device.

Final Thoughts on CPU Z APK

If you are struggling to know about the running status of your Android device, then CPU Z is the best go-to solution. The easy-to-use interface leads any person to understand the details. 

Whether you are a tech enthusiast or not, but you still want your device to be at the peak of its performance, CPU Z APK is the ultimate option.