CPU Z v2.09 Free Download | Latest Version [2.1MB]

CPU Z is a famous program that is used to access all the information about the hardware of a PC. No matter whether it is a desktop or a laptop, you can use this app. You will get well-explained details about the motherboard, RAM, processor, and graphic card through this freeware.  This article will give you a good understanding of the CPU Z.

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CPU Z Download and Install for Windows

CPU Z is not compatible with all Windows. The system is compatible with Windows having the following components.

  • Intel Core i9-13900/K/F/KF, Core i7-13700/K/F/KF, Core i5-13600/K/F/KF, Core i5-13500, Core i5-13400 and Core i3-13100
  • Intel ARC A770, A750, A580 (ACM-G10) and A380 (ACM-G11) GPUs
  • Support for multipliers > 64x on AMD Ryzen 7000
  • Preliminary support for NVIDIA RTX 4000 GPUs

You need to follow a few steps to download and install CPU Z on Windows.

  1. First, go to the website Download button in order to get the software. The pink button above is the official download button.
  2. After that, finish the download process
  3. Then go to your Downloads folder on your PC and open the exe file
  4. So now go through the installation wizard and complete it
  5. Finally, you can open the app from Start Menu or from the installed location

When the above steps are followed correctly, you will access the program.

CPU Z Download and Install for Mac

CPU Z is a lightweight app. If it is available for Mac, then it will be really helpful in gathering details about Mac’s CPU. But still, this is not available for Mac. But you can find several alternatives that run on macOS with similar functionality to CPU Z. Some free alternatives are MacCPUID and System Information. A paid alternative for Mac is CheckMyMac. There are more than 50 alternatives available in the market. But only 5 of them are available for Mac. So you need to select one of them until this is developed to function on Mac.

What is CPU Z?

CPU Z gathers information on some of the main devices of the system like the Mainboard, chipset, processor name, number, process, package, codename, and cache levels. It also offers data about the memory type, timings, size, and module specifications (SPD). You can also get real-time measurements of each core’s internal frequency and memory frequency.

This app allows users to gather insider information a user need to keep track of their systems or devices situation. So it is easy to diagnose problems.

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More About the App

CPU Z is also available for Android systems. In Android systems, you can track SoC (System On Chip) name, clock speed, and architecture for each core. Furthermore, it reveals system information like screen resolution, device brand and model, and storage. Battery information like status, temperature, capacity, and level can be tracked with CPU Z. This information is useful to pinpoint compatible components, tracking performance metrics, and extracting BIOS information.

You can install this on Windows and Android devices. So you can easily get a good understanding of the device.


CPU Z gives information on the computer’s hardware components. It contains overall information about Motherboard, CPU, Graphics, benchmarks, and memory. This app allows real-time monitoring. So it allows users to monitor their system’s performance. You can keep track of clock speed, temperature, voltage, CPU, and RAM Usage.

You can see the frequency at which RAM operates and the latencies if you have applied the voltage at which each module is working and the XMP profile. Also, you can check whether you have applied the right performance profile applied. When you want to replace the RAM, it is easy to find out the exact model with the help of CPU Z. so you can buy the same modules and increase the capacity.

CPU Z provides valuable data for overlocking your computers. You can adjust the CPU clock speed and voltage to optimize performance.

You can get detailed information about your computer’s hardware components. So it is easy to troubleshoot hardware issues and figure out compatibility problems.

How to Use CPU Z?

This is the fastest way to monitor the hardware of your PC, Android, or Mac. After you download CPU Z, the window will ask you to validate your PC. This creates an online report that contains details of your computer hardware and highlights clock speeds. You can share them or keep the records.  This is the most used method to confirm CPU frequency. Then the data will be amassed and ranked on the CPU Z validation database. It is not needed to validate your PC. Just close the widow or, check the “Private validation” box. So you will know that hardware data won’t be publicly visible on the app’s validation database.


When you click on the ‘Submit’ in the validation window, then CPU Z will quickly scan the hardware of your PC and display it all in your browser. The information can be saved by going to Print in your browser and then clicking on “Save as PDF’.

Become Familiar

After the validation, you will direct to the main CPU Z window in all its grey glory. Each tab available in the presentation will offer detailed insights into the respective hardware inside the PC. CPU, Mainboard (motherboard), Memory (RAM), and Graphics are self-explanatory just like most of the tabs. The SPD tab stands for Serial Presence Detect and shows you the bandwidth, voltage, manufacturer, speed, and other information about the memory (RAM) modules. If no information is available under the SPD tab, click the ‘Memory Slot Selection’ dropdown and try a different slot. It is useful to know which RAM slots on your PC contain RAM sticks and empty.


The most interactive tab in CPU Z is the bench tab. You can benchmark your CPU to obtain a score, then submit the results and compare the CPU’s single-core and multi-core power compared to that of others. You need to select your benchmark version from the dropdown. Click on ‘Bench CPU’. The benchmark test will run for about 30 seconds and display the score. Click on ‘submit and compare’ to add your benchmark to the CPU Validator profile.

You will see your benchmark score will display in the right-handed pane after opening the site. Tap on the graph to see where your CPU ranks in the benchmarks. This will display the compared details that of thousands of other CPU Z validator data.

You will see the CPU stress test in the same tab. Then you need to run it for around 10-15 minutes to test your CPU’s stability.


The tools button is visible at the bottom of the CPU Z window. You will be directed to several useful features after clicking the dropdown arrow next to it. Timers is one such feature. It helps to test QPC, RTC, and ACPI system timers. When running the timers, it is needed to stop every few seconds and show the exact same number each time the timers stop. The timers displaying different numbers is a sign that your system clocks are mismatching. It can result from the motherboard not supporting the CPU or RAM, or bad CPU/RAM combination. You can reset BIOS to fix issues.

The ‘Clocks’ is a suitable way to monitor the clock speed on each of your CPU cores in real-time and GPU clocks.

Now, you have an overview of what is going on inside the PC.

Safety and Legality

CPU Z is safe to use. It is a reputable system information tool that is used worldwide. This is free from viruses and malware. So the users can confidently use the tool without any risk of compromising the computer’s security. You must download CPU Z from a trusted source like an official website or a reputable software download site.

You must be careful when downloading software from untrusted sources. Those can contain malware or other harmful programs. You must run a virus scan on any downloaded software before installing it.


Is CPU Z useful?

The simplest answer to this question is yes. This is a product developed by the French company CPUID. This software supports most motherboards and processors available on the market. So you can access the hardware data of the oldest as well as the newest computers as the database gets updated always.

Is CPU Z safe?

This is a safe app. You are not allowed to make changes to settings like voltages or frequencies that make your system unstable. CPU Z does not have a stress test. So your PC can reach a high temperature.

Does this app offer reliable information?

CPU Z is a reliable source that provides accurate data. You can find the exact model number of a product, or find the motherboard’s chipset to figure out whether it is able to replace the processor with a better one.

What hardware data does CPU Z offer you?

You can get in-depth details of a PC’s hardware including RAM, graphics card, and motherboard data. Then you will find exact models, frequencies, voltages, and much more in available data. 

Why does this app report a wrong battery capacity?

CPU Z shows battery capacity by relying on the operating system of your device. Sometimes the system is wrong in displaying the battery capacity. Then you can restore by clicking on the ‘Battery Capacity’ on the Settings page.

What are the required permissions for CPU Z?

This app wants internet permission for online validation.  In-app purchases require billing purchases.

Why does this app consume lots of battery on my device?

CPU Z tends to drain your battery when reading the device’s sensor. You can disable the reading of sensors on the Setting page. All you have to do is uncheck the ‘sensors.

Is CPU Z free?

This app is designed by CPUID which is a software company that develops various system information and diagnostic tools. The company provides CPU Z as freeware. So the users can download and use it without spending a single dollar. Anyhow, this is not an open source. So the developer may offer some additional features or services for a fee.

What are the in-app purchases available in this app?

You have only one in-app purchase option in CPU Z. You can do an in-app purchase to remove advertisements.

Is it Easy to install CPU Z on my device?

You need to run the setup executable files. Then it will guide you through the installation process.

How to remove this app from my device?

You can remove the program from add or remove programs window. It is in Settings and Control Panel. The other method is selecting uninstall from the Start menu, Programs, CPUID, CPU Z.

What are the special keys in CPU Z?

You can use the F5 key to save a screenshot as a bmp file in the application directory. The F6 key allows copying the current page to the clipboard. When you want to save the validation CVF file in the current directory, simply use the F7 key. You can switch between CPU Clock computation methods using the F9 key.

Why is this app so famous?

CPU Z is so popular because it provides the latest, detailed, and correct data about the hardware available on your computer. It is an easy-to-use application.

Final Words

CPU Z has a simple but effective interface. You can use an emulator to download it. This supports Mac and Windows. It supports Android 2.2+ Android version. If you need to install this app to an Android device then your device must be a higher version than 2.2+. Keep in mind to download CPU Z from a trusted source to keep your device safe. If you want to know much more about your PC hardware, then download this and start using it.